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Clean Vehicle Solutions
A leader in the compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle industry, Clean Vehicle Solutions is a full service, end-to-end alternative fuel solutions provider supporting fleet operations with extensive consultative, financial, production, maintenance and training services required to support the development and effective operation of an alternatively fueled fleet, including:
  • The largest U.S. CNG conversion production facility; Qualified and certified CNG converter for multiple vehicle type and OEMs; vehicle financing options
  • Public and private fueling Infrastructure development, support, financing and oversight
  • On and off-site vehicle servicing, vehicle financing, reduction in maintenance and operating costs and end-of-life vehicle disposal
  • New job creations including training (both drivers and maintenance personnel) and emissions impact tracking, reporting and vehicle data certification
  • Relationships with key suppliers deliver advantages in systems design for optimal fleet configurations and custom applications.
With the experience of management and technology developed over more than 60 years in the automotive industry and as a premiere vehicle builder/fabricator, Clean Vehicle Solutions is currently one of the country’s leading providers of alternative fuel systems for light, medium and heavy vehicles. Clean Vehicle Solutions delivers the expertise and experience to find cleaner solutions and simultaneously improve each the bottom line for
  • Corporate, Commercial and municipal fleets
  • Public agencies and Private Enterprise
  • Organizations that want to save money, pollute less, be more efficient, and create jobs
  • City governments, transit authority, or developers of advanced transportation technology

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