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CVS Advisory Services Overview
Fleet Analysis Services
CVS Advisor offers complete fleet analyses to determine potential AFV and fuel choices and determine which applications are best suited for the particular situation.

Funding/Financing Analysis Services
In an effort to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, reduce urban emissions and reduce greenhouse gases, the federal government, state governments and even regional and local governments have implemented incentives to encourage the purchase and use of NGVs.

Alternative Fuel Choice Evaluation & Contract Negotiations
There are numerous criteria used to evaluate your alternative fuel choices and recommend the best to meet specific needs. CVS Advisors Alternative Fuel Choice Evaluation process will evaluate fuel choices against critical criteria, including vehicle applications, geographic location, fuel availability, fuel cost, fuel source, long-term pricing projections, etc.

Once fuel type and source has been determined, CVS Advisors will undertake negotiations on your behalf (individually, as part of a co-op or member of a station group (multiple unrelated buyers).

To support these negotiations, CVS Advisor will assist by benchmarking fuel usage and purchasing trends with other customers off similar size and patterns to ensure that the highest levels of quality, performance and lowest price are being delivered.

Evaluation of Data & Strategic Planning Services
Upon completion of the assessment, analyses and evaluation of vehicles and fuel choices available, CVS Advisors will provide a customized implementation strategy and solution for the development, financing, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the CVS alternative vehicle and fuel program.

CNG Fuel Station Consulting Services
Clean Vehicle Solutions knows that CNG vehicles and fuel are only 2/3’s of the Compressed Natural Gas equation. Infrastructure continues to be a burden few fleet managers or municipalities are willing to bear alone.

CVS Advisors has, for many years, assisted clients in minimizing the costs of infrastructure development; eliminating construction/operation costs through state/federal grants or creating profit centers via public/private partnerships. Once contracts have been awarded, CVS Advisors oversee work in progress ensuring the equipment that was specified in your Request for Proposals AND that meets all appropriate national and local building codes is provided and installed properly. Once operational, CVS Advisor will trouble shoot specific problems and ensure remedies are in place.

Long term, CVS Advisor provides the most comprehensive and practical maintenance plans available in the U.S., including on-site evaluation, preventative maintenance planning and ongoing evaluation of station capacity as well as the fueling requirements for estimated growth.

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